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Cannabis Waste

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The regulations governing the cannabis industry in Alaska are overseen by the Marijuana Control Board and are found in Title 3, Chapter 306 of the Alaska Administrative Code (3 AAC 306). The regulations specific to the disposal of cannabis waste are codified in 3 AAC 306.740.

Cannabis waste is defined in the regulations to include:

  • Cannabis plant waste, including roots, stalks, leaves, and stems that have not been processed with solvent; (Note: cannabis waste that has been processed with a solvent, or solvent waste is considered a hazardous waste and must be disposed out of state at an appropriate facility);
  • Solid cannabis sample plant waste in the possession of a cannabis testing facility; and
  • Other waste as determined by the Marijuana Control Board.

Although the Marijuana Control Board may approve other disposal methods, the regulations require that when cannabis waste is disposed, it must be made unusable by grinding the plant waste and mixing it with at least an equal amount of other materials prior to delivery to a landfill. Without prior approval by the ADEC, cannabis waste may only be disposed at a permitted Class I or Class II landfill willing to accept the waste. The decision as to what material(s) to mix with the waste should be based on where the cannabis waste will be disposed.

  • If the cannabis waste will be brought to a composting facility or to some other organic waste treatment facility, the cannabis waste should be mixed with at least an equal amount of compostable materials such as food waste, yard waste, or vegetable-based oils or grease.
  • If the cannabis waste will be disposed in a landfill or through a solid waste incinerator, the cannabis waste should be mixed with at least an equal amount of non-compostable materials such as paper, cardboard, or plastic.

The operator of the composting or treatment facility, the landfill, or the incineration facility should be contacted prior to delivering the cannabis waste to confirm that the waste will be accepted at that facility and to determine if the facility has any additional acceptance requirements for cannabis waste.

Regardless of the disposal option used, the cannabis facility that generated the waste is responsible for ensuring that all cannabis waste disposals are appropriately recorded in the Marijuana Inventory Tracking System required under 3 AAC 306.730 and the Marijuana Control Board is notified at least three days before making the waste unusable and disposing it.

Alaska Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance System

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