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Oil Discharge and Contingency Plan Application Package Submittal Guidance

Submitting Application Packages

The required format for submitting application packages changed in October 2016. The format will be electronic, paper, or both – as determined by the department. The department's plan reviewer will make the format determination after surveying the needs of the department and review participants. An electronic version must always be submitted to the department so it can be posted on the department's website. Refer to the process below for submitting electronic documents.

Process for submitting electronic application package documents to the department

  1. The applicant saves each application package document as a searchable Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The document must be less than 100MB in size. Plans or supporting documents larger than this will need to be saved as separate volumes that are each smaller than 100MB.
  2. The applicant submits the application package to the plan reviewer:
    1. Via email if the file is less than 19MB; or
    2. On a CD-ROM, DVD, or uploaded via State of Alaska ZendTo – if the file is 19MB or larger.

Resources for submitting application package documents to the department

Updated December 17, 2019

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