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Tug Captain Hendren Grounding Near St. Michael

The tug Capt. Hendren grounded on a submerged reef at 61° 31' 03.28" north, 162° 04' 47.46" west, approximately two miles west of St. Michael.
The grounding occurred at approximately 2:00 p.m. on October 12, 2012. This is a potential spill incident; no release of fuel or lube products has been observed at this time from the grounded tug.
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No spill has occurred, but six hundred gallons of diesel fuel and operational quantities of lubricating oils remain on board the 66-foot tug, according to the vessel captain.
The vessel was transiting from Nome to St. Michael when it grounded during low tide. Six-foot seas and a 30-knot north wind pushed the vessel further onto the rocks, where it lost propulsion and steering and remains hard aground, listing at 45° to 50°. No petroleum spill was observed over the weekend.

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