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Kotzebue 483 8th Ave., HHO Spill

Apartment building at 483 8th Avenue, Kotzebue
KIC employees discovered the spill at 9:45 a.m. on February 10, 2014. KIC reported the spill to ADEC at 1:45 p.m. on February 10, 2014.
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
The spilled product is home heating oil (#1 diesel). KIC reported that the 947-gallon-capacity above-ground storage tank was last filled on January 20, 2014, with approximately 118 gallons remaining when the spill was discovered on February 10, 2014. After researching fuel delivery records, the estimated spill volume is 350-400 gallons.
Above-freezing temperatures in mid-January caused snow and ice to fall off an adjacent garage roof, completely separating the fuel supply line from an oil-fired furnace located in the garage. Force from the snow and ice landing on the ½ inch black iron fuel pipe attached to the residence caused a threaded connection to completely fail from its fitting.

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