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Lynden Transport Hazmat Rollover Richardson Highway

Milepost 299, Richardson Highway
At 12:00 pm, January 8, 2016, a southbound Lynden Transport tractor trailer hauling a chemical load left the roadway and tipped over onto its side. The trailer has split and there was a white vapor cloud emanating from the trailer.
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
The tractor trailer was carrying a cargo consisting of: 2 totes of nitric acid (67% concentration); 24 drums of solid sodium hydroxide; 1 tote of liquid sodium hydroxide solution; 1 tote of hypochlorite; and 6 totes of hydrochloric acid. Lynden has inventoried the recovered containers and determined that the quantity of products spilled were 150 pounds of nitric acid, 1/3 drum of solid sodium hydroxide, 151 pounds of hypochlorite solution, and 550 gallons of hydrochloric acid. All recovered cargo has been either delivered to the customer or is awaiting evaluation for recycling or disposal.
Motor vehicle accident.

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January 8, 2016

January 19, 2016

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