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Selawik Water Treatment Plant Diesel Overfill

Water Treatment Plant in Selawik, Alaska approximately 610 feet from the Selawik River
10:00pm November 25, 2020
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
The spilled product is diesel fuel that was transferred from the City of Selawik Tank #4, a 45,986-gallon aboveground tank that services the city, into an aboveground “day tank” at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) with a capacity of approximately 4,000-gallons. The volume of the spill is under investigation at this time. The source tank is reported to still contain approximately 35,000 gallons following the release.
A diesel fuel transfer from the Consolidated Tank Farm Tank to the WTP “day tank” was left unattended on November 25, 2020 from 2:25pm until the Water Treatment Plant operator was notified the tank outside the WTP was overflowing and closed the valve at approximately 10:00pm.

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Spill site in the City of Selawick

Spill site and Response Crew

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