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SPAR Regulation Projects

Welcome to the SPAR Regulations page. This page is designed to help you navigate important information concerning regulations projects with the Division. Here you will find a concise overview of information with links to detailed information for each regulatory package listed.


Regulation AAC Program Comment Period End Comment Period Open?
Cleanup Level Amendments 18.75 Contaminated Sites 04/26/2018 False
Underground Storage Tanks Federal Update Amendments 18.78 Contaminated Sites 02/26/2018 False
PFAS Cleanup Level Amendments 18.75 Contaminated Sites 11/13/2018 False
Noncrude Oil Tank Vessel and Barge Amendments 18.75 Prevention, Preparedness, and Response 01/23/2020 False
UST Worker Fee Amendments 18.78.495 Contaminated Sites 08/16/2019 False
Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan Public Scoping 18.75.400 Prevention, Preparedness, and Response 03/16/2020 False
Oil Spill Financial Responsibility Dollar Amount Amendments 18.75.235 Prevention, Preparedness, and Response 04/09/2020 False
Oil Pollution Prevention Standards Update 18.75.065 and 18.75.066 Prevention, Preparedness, and Response 02/25/2021 False

For More Information

  • CS Regulation Projects: contact the Stephanie Buss at 907-465-5076
  • PPR Regulation Projects: contact Rebecca Spiegel at 907-465-5283
  • Would you like to be informed about future proposed changes to Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR) regulations in 18 AAC 75? If so, sign up for the PPR regulation listserv
  • RFA Regulation Projects: 907-465-5270

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