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Wood Seller Information

Mandatory Registration: August 15, 2017 - (Fairbanks North Star Borough Nonattainment Area Only)

The mandatory Wood Seller Registration requirement and the Wood Moisture Disclosure Program are designed to encourage communication between wood sellers and wood buyers about the moisture content of the wood being sold and to raise awareness about the importance of burning dry wood to increase efficiency and lower air pollution. Using the link above, wood sellers can register online for free and wood buyers can find participating wood sellers or recognized dry wood sellers in their area.

The program was adopted into regulation in 2014 in 18 AAC 50.076(d) (PDF) as a contingency measure to help bring the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FSNB) fine (PM2.5) nonattainment area into attainment. ADEC launched a voluntary program to ensure the program was effective and to ease the transition from voluntary to mandatory in the Nonattainment Area. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reclassified the FNSB PM2.5 nonattainment area from moderate to serious effective June 9, 2017; Federal Register, Vol. 82, No. 89, 21711 (PDF). As a result of EPA’s reclassification, and pursuant to 18 AAC 50.015(b)(3) and 18 AAC 50.076(d)(1)-(3), commercial wood seller registration with ADEC became mandatory on August 15, 2017 (link to public notice) (PDF).

For Wood Sellers:

Mandatory Program (FNSB PM2.5 Area Only)

*Mandatory Registration: August 15, 2017*
*Mandatory Dry Wood Sales: October 1, 2021*

Who Must Register?

  • Persons and businesses that sell wood for space heating in the FNSB PM2.5 nonattainment area
  • There is no minimum amount of wood, all sellers are affected.

Who is Exempt?

  • Businesses that sell:
    • Wood Pellets, Bricks, or Pucks
    • Compressed Wood Logs
    • Small bundles of split, dry wood
  • Wholesalers that do not sell to the public

How to Register:

  • Registration is free:
    • Register Online
    • Register in person at the Fairbanks DEC Office, 610 University Ave.

Program Requirements:

  • Be Registered, renew every 3 years (requires Alaska Business License)
  • Obtain a DEC approved moisture meter
  • Follow the disclosure requirements when selling wood for use in the FNSB PM2.5 nonattainment area.

Voluntary Program (Statewide)

Program Requirements:

Measurement Process:

  1. Cut open and measure three pieces of wood per cord
  2. Write the moisture levels on a Carbon Copy Form (PDF) *Sample Only* (Please contact Fairbanks Office for Triplicate Form)
  3. Sign the form
  4. Hand one signed copy to the customer
  5. One copy goes to DEC
  6. Keep the third copy for two years

Program Benefits:

  • Free advertising online
  • Be part of developing this program
  • Stand out if you become a recognized Dry Wood Seller

For Wood Buyers:


  • Know if you are buying dry or wet wood
  • Know if you should season the wood first
  • Know you are buying wood from a licensed business
  • Find participating businesses easily online
  • Find local dry wood sellers online

Be sure to:

Wood Moisture Measurement Process:

  • Selling as Wet or Frozen (when temperature are below 32 °F): (No measurement recorded)
    • Mark the "Wet/Frozen" box on the form
  • Selling as "dry" or providing moisture information to customer:
    • Make fresh cuts in 3 pieces of wood per cord
    • Use DEC-approved moisture meter to take readings at each cut
    • Record the readings on the form
    • *All Measurements Must be Taken Prior to Freezing*
  • Have customer sign/mark the form:
    • Or mark the box saying the customer is unavailable or unwilling to sign
  • *Sample Only* - Carbon Copy Form (PDF) Please contact Fairbanks Office for Triplicate Form:
    • Provide one copy to the customer
    • Provide one copy to DEC (submit forms monthly)
    • Retain the third copy for 2 years
  • 2021 Wood Moisture Requirement



Staff Contact:

DEC Approved Moisture Meters:

Manufacturer Model Image
General MMD4E Moisture Meter MMD4E
Digi-Sense 20250-35 Pocket Moisture Meter MMD4E
Delmhorst BD-2100 and J-2000 Moisture Meters MMD4E

Regulation requires DEC to compile a list of approved wood moisture meters. Our selection criteria include:

Measurement Range up to 40% - Some models read only to 20% which will only tell a user if the wood is dry or not with no indication of how wet it is or how long it might take to season.
2-Prong Design - 4-prong meters can be harder to press into wood for good readings.
Replaceable Prongs - Prongs can become dull, bent, or broken with continued use.
Ease of Operation - Easy to read screens, simple device operation, and durability will encourage frequent use.
Affordability - Inexpensive meters are available, but so are expensive ones. DEC wants to include a variety of devices so that users can find a meter with the features they want at a price that is right for them.
Availability - Meters are available locally or online. DEC wants to include meters that can be easily purchased locally but a wider variety of meters are also available online and may be more economical or more easily obtained throughout rural areas of Alaska.
Reasonable Accuracy and Precision - These are important features but they can also drive up the cost of the meter.

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