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Engineering Plans Checklist 

Plan Review Checklist for Construction Approval

These checklists apply to public water systems (PWS) requesting construction or operational approval (if approval to construct was not requested prior to construction) for the following:

  • New construction
  • System modifications and/or change of use
  • Separation distance waivers

The checklists are based on the plan review requirements as referenced in the State of Alaska Drinking Water Regulations, 18 AAC 80 (amended as of May 3, 2019). These checklists supersede all previous versions.

The checklists are intended to be used as guidance documents only. Completion of the checklists may not constitute a complete submittal. Additional project information not identified in the checklists may be requested by the Department as a part of the plan review process.

Checklist Instructions Here (PDF)

X = Always required with submittal
x = Required when applicable

Checklist Projects
No. Title Version New PWS Modify Existing PWS Distribution Waiver
0.0 Application - Facility Info Form / Owner's Statement and Project Info Form 2020 X X X X
0.0a Applicant Certification Form (See Checklist Instructions) 2020       X
1.0 General 2020 X X X  
2.0 Capacity Development (CWS/NTNC) 2020 x      
3.0 Source - Groundwater 2020 x x    
3.1a Source - GWUDISW Determination
GWUDISW Screening Guidance (Informational Only)(PDF)
2020 x x    
3.1b Source - Surface Water/GWUDISW 2020 x x    
3.2a Source - Other / Rain Catchment 2020 x x    
3.2b Source - Other / Seawater 2020 x x    
4.0 Storage 2020 x x    
4.1 Storage - Tracer Study DRAFT 2020 x x    
5.0 Distribution - Piped 2020 x x x  
5.1 Water Haul Vehicle 2020 x x x  
6.0 Treatment - Surface Water/GWUDISW 2020 x x    
6.1 Treatment - Corrosion Control 2020 x x    
6.2 Treatment - POU and POE 2020 x x    
6.3 Treatment - Membrane Filtration 2020 x x    
6.4 Treatment - Ozone 2020 x x    
6.5 Treatment - Media Filtration 2020 x x    
6.6a Treatment - UV Disinfection Validation Report 2020 x x    
6.6b Treatment - UV Disinfection System 2020 x x    
6.7 Treatment - Other 2020 x x    
7.0 Waiver - Source 2020 x x   x
7.1 Waiver - Piped Distribution 2020 x x x x
8.0 Additive - Fluoride 2020 x x    

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