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If you need assistance filling out a food or a public facility form or have a question, please contact an Environmental Health Officer in your area.

If you need assistance filling out a seafood or a shellfish form, contact our Anchorage office at 907-269-7501.

All FSS Forms

Date Title and Document Download Category Program Description Folder ID
08/17/2018 Seafood Permit Variance (PDF 47K) Forms Seafood 9837
08/17/2018 Seafood Processing Facility Agreement (PDF 153K) Forms Seafood 9840
08/17/2018 Variance for Seafood Source (PDF 96K) Forms Seafood, Food food 9841
01/07/2020 Waiver for Seafood Product Testing (PDF 189K) Forms Seafood 19123
08/17/2018 Shellfish Harvesters Application (PDF 322K) Forms Shellfish 9849
08/17/2018 Geoduck Dive Vessel Application (PDF 309K) Forms Shellfish 9848
08/17/2018 Shellfish Dealer Application (PDF 318K) Forms Shellfish 9846
08/17/2018 Shellfish Export Certificate Application (PDF 34K) Forms Shellfish 9847
08/17/2018 Shellfish NOAA Export Certificate (PDF 489K) Forms Shellfish 9850
08/17/2018 Public Facility Application (PDF 60K) Forms Public Facilities 9827
08/17/2018 Certificate of Free Sale Request Application (PDF 220K) Forms Food, Seafood, Shellfish Food 9819
08/17/2018 Free Sale Authorization Request Application (PDF 167K) Forms Food, Seafood, Shellfish Food 9820
08/17/2018 Temporary Food Service Permit Application (PDF 393K) Forms Food food 9825
08/17/2018 Food Variance Request (PDF 35K) Forms Food food 9826
08/17/2018 Alaska Food Service Excellence Self-Inspection (PDF 557K) Forms Food food 9823
08/17/2018 Temporary Camp Application Worksheet (PDF 527K) Forms Food food 9824
08/17/2018 Alaska Food Service Excellence Self-Assessment (PDF 155K) Forms Food food 9822
08/17/2018 Alaska Food Service Excellence Application (PDF 116K) Forms Food food 9821
08/17/2018 Food Establishment Plan Review Supplement (PDF 774K) Forms Food Food 9817
08/17/2018 Food Plan Review Application (PDF 165K) Forms Food Food 9818
08/17/2018 Food Establishment Permit Application (PDF 244K) Forms Food Food 9816
08/17/2018 Food Commissary Agreement (PDF 229K) Forms Food Food 9814
08/17/2018 Food Establishment Inspection (PDF 99K) Forms Food Food 9815
03/23/2021 Seafood Plan Review Checklist (PDF 413K) Forms Shellfish 22495

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