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Financial Responsibility

The Financial Responsibility Unit is part of the Prevention, Preparedness, and Response program. The unit staff are located in Juneau, Alaska. The financial responsibility staff review and approve applications for proof of financial responsibility to ensure that regulated operators have the financial resources to respond to an oil spill and mitigate environmental damage. They also are responsible for reviewing and approving primary response action contractor (PRAC) applications for all facilities except nontank vessels.

The following operations need approved proof of financial responsibility:

  • Terminals and distributors of crude and refined oil products
  • Marine tankers and barges that transport crude and refined oil products
  • Oil pipelines
  • Onshore and offshore oil exploration and production facilities
  • Refineries
  • Nontank vessels
  • Railroad tank cars
  • Underground storage tanks

Operations with Approved Financial Responsibility

For More Information

  • Contact Shauna McMahon
  • Phone: 907-465-5233, Fax: 907-465-5245
  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 111800 Juneau, AK 99811

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