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North Slope Spills Analysis (NSSA) Reports

The goal of the North Slope Spills Analysis is to reduce the frequency and severity of future spills from North Slope crude oil piping infrastructure integrity loss. The North Slope Spills Analysis represents a continuation of efforts begun in 2008 to conduct the Alaska Risk Assessment (ARA), which was proposed as a quantitative risk assessment of North Slope crude oil infrastructure to consider, among other factors, whether the age of the North Slope oil infrastructure was a significant causal factor contributing to oil spills.

November 2010

Final Report (PDF 30M)
Final Report on North Slope Spills Analysis and Expert Panel Recommendations on Mitigation Measures
Phase 1 Report (PDF 8M)
Summary of Phase 1 Alaska Risk Assessment Accomplishments and Challenges
Cycla Report (PDF 4.8M)
Risk Assessment of Oil and Gas Infrastructure Review of Select Foreign and Domestic Approaches to Oversight and Management of Risk and Recommendations for Candidate Changes to the Oversight Approach for the Alaska Petroleum Transportation Infrastructure

March 2013

North Slope Spills Analysis – March 2013 Update (PDF 27M)
Update to the previous analysis, incorporating spill data from 2010-2011

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