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Standard Condition I Submission Instructions

Standard Condition I NOTE:  This document must be certified in accordance with 18 AAC 50.345(j)

To submit the Assessable Emissions Estimate report:

Submission of information contained in the Assessable Emission Estimate report shall be made through the Air Online System (AOS) at by using the Permittee Portal and filling out the Emission Fee Estimate form.

If submitted online, report must be submitted by an authorized E-Signer for the stationary source.  An E-signer is a responsible official who has been identified and authorized for electronic submissions.  Information and assistance obtaining the E-signer role and authorization may be found at:

Note:  A myAlaska account is needed to gain access, and a profile needs to be set up in the Permittee Portal.  You do not have to be an Alaska resident to set up a myAlaska account or a Permittee Portal profile.

The Department may, on a case-by-case basis, grant approval for an alternative submission method.  If unable to submit by the Air Online System (AOS), please contact Jason Olds at 907-465-5303 or approval by the Department, the Permittee may submit the report under a cover letter, by either

  • An email addressed to; or
  • A hard copy to the following address:
  • ADEC Air Permits Program
  • ATTN: Assessable Emissions Estimate
  • 555 Cordova Street Anchorage, Alaska 99501

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