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Online Services

Report a suspected violation or crime.
Invoice Payments
Pay invoices online by check or credit card.
Public Records Request
Download the Alaska DEC Public Records Request Form (DOC)
Download the Alaska DEC Public Records Request Form (PDF)
Web Maps
View geographic data in maps online.

Air Quality

Air Quality Advisories
View air quality advisories and history.
More Air Quality Online Services
View a complete list of air quality online services.
Real Time Air Quality Monitoring Data
The real-time air monitoring or Alaska Air Quality Index (AQI) site shows the EPA calculated AQI value.

Environmental Health

Animal Import & Exports
Animal Tracking System. All the tools needed to move animals into, out of, or within Alaska.
Drinking Water Electronic Data Reporting (EDRS)
For certified laboratories to electronically submit Drinking Water sample results
Drinking Water Watch
View information about public water supply systems.
Fish Monitoring Program Test Results
Fish contaminant data
Food Establishment Inspection Reports
View food establishment inspections.
Food Worker Card Payments
Obtain a food worker card.
Registered Pesticide Products and Applicators
Search for or register pesticide products, dealers, and applicators.
SOC Monitoring Waiver Renewal Online Application
For public water systems to apply and pay for their SOC Monitoring Waiver Renewal
Solid Waste Information Management System
SWIMS contains information on landfills, solid wate treatment faciliities, and solid waste storage facilities in Alaska.

Spill Prevention and Response

Contaminated Sites Search
Find information about known contaminated sites.
Illegal Drug Manufacturing Sites
Find information about properties that have been identified as illegal drug manufacturing sites.
More Spill Prevention and Response Services
View a complete list of spill prevention and response online services.

Water Quality

Septic Tracking System (SEPTS)
The SEPTS database tracks onsite wastewater disposal systems that serve residential homes in Alaska. The Documentation of Construction that is required for installing a septic system will be scanned and available online to the public. This information is used by homeowners to locate components of the wastewater disposal system and diagnose problems and for lending organizations verification of a septic system that meets ADEC regulations.
Permit Application System (OASys)
Apply for DEC state general permit coverage for contained water and excavation dewatering; apply for APDES general permit coverage for construction storm water, industrial storm water, and offshore seafood processor; submit APDES notice of termination for construction storm water and the annual report for industrial storm water; and more…
Permit Search
Search tool for Alaska DEC Wastewater Discharge permits, authorizations, and certifications.
Submit Wastewater Complaint
Submit a Wastewater Complaint to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water
Water and Wastewater Operator Certification
The Operator Certification database tracks certified water and wastewater system operators. Additionally, the database tracks water and wastewater systems that are required to have certified operators. Using this online database, the public can view certifications held by water and wastewater operators. Additionally, the public can view water and wastewater system information that is used to classify systems.

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