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Tribal Relations

The Department of Environmental Conservation is committed to enhancing the relationship between the state and Alaska's 229 federally recognized tribes. The DEC tribal liaison works with department staff, the Governor's Tribal Advisory Council (GTAC), GTAC Natural Resources Subcommittee, and other state agencies to address issues of interest to Alaska Tribes, tribal organizations, and the Alaska Native community. Additional duties of the tribal liaison are described in Administrative Order 300.

Alaska DEC Tribal Consultation Policy

This policy reinforces government-to-government relationships between the Department of Environmental Conservation (department) and the tribes in Alaska through consultation on significant matters of mutual concern.

This policy provides guidance to all employees of the department involved in any departmental action(s) significantly or uniquely affecting a tribe in Alaska and pertains to any tribal action significantly or uniquely affecting the department. It also reinforces the foundation for establishing and maintaining effective government-to-government communications between the department and the tribes in Alaska and promotes consultation and coordination with these tribes, with the goal of ensuring the department conducts consultation in a culturally sensitive manner.

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