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Standard Conditions XV and XVI Submission Instructions

Standard Conditions XV and XVI NOTE:  The document must be certified in accordance with 18 AAC 50.345(j)

To submit this report:

 If submitted online, report must be submitted by an authorized E-Signer for the stationary source.  An E-signer is a responsible official who has been identified and authorized for electronic submissions.  Information and assistance obtaining the E-signer role and authorization may be found at:

Note:  A myAlaska account is needed to gain access, and a profile needs to be set up in the Permittee Portal.  You do not have to be an Alaska resident to set up a myAlaska account or a Permittee Portal profile. 

For other submission options, the Permittee may submit the report via: 


  • 3. Mail to: ADEC Air Permits Program
  • ATTN: Emissions Inventory
  • 555 Cordova Street
  • Anchorage, Alaska 99501


  • 4. Fax to: 907-269-7508

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