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Alaska Fire Restrictions

Welcome to the Alaska Fire Restrictions Web page identifying fire restrictions on federal, state, local government and private lands. This web page was developed by the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG) which consists of State, Federal, Local, and Native land management agencies/owners with fire management responsibilities for the lands they manage and/or own. The Department of Environmental Conservation sponsors this site.

Note: Activities marked as "Restricted" are not necessarily prohibited so it is important to review the "Restriction Details." Some activities may be allowed but will require an agency permit.


Every land use visitor has the responsibility to know and understand the various landowners’ fire restrictions, policies, and regulations. Regulations may change from year to year. Visitors are required to fully understand and follow safe burning practices throughout Alaska. Visitors are responsible for any fire that is set or caused until it is “dead out.” If visitors are unsure of how restrictions apply to them, it is their responsibility to contact the appropriate agencies to better understand what activities they can and cannot engage in during recreational land use.

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