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How can I locate brownfields in my community?

There are thousands of contaminated or potentially contaminated sites across Alaska.  For example, these sites could be an old cannery, a former lumber mill, a vacant gas station, an abandoned mine site, or numerous other different past histories.  These sites may or may not be contaminated, but it is the threat or potential of contamination that may discourage their reuse. 

To provide tribes, Alaska Native Village and Regional Corporations, municipal and borough governments, and other interested stakeholders with known information regarding a site’s potential contamination, DEC maintains a database of contaminated sites that have been identified throughout Alaska. 

This database includes the thousands of sites that have been cleaned up through DEC’s Contaminated Sites Program, as well as those that are still being assessed and addressed.  For more information, users can search the dataset online by site name, location, or by other terms, or can download the entire database.  In addition, DEC has developed a web-based mapping application of contaminated sites where users can explore contaminated or potentially contaminated sites in their area.

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