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Guidance and Forms

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For CS regulations and statutes, please see Current Regulations and Statutes, and Proposed Regulation Changes.

Date Title and Document Download Category Program Description
02/01/2011 Guidance on Institutional Controls (PDF 726K) closure
01/01/2017 Human Health Scoping Form (interactive) (PDF 299K) Project Scoping, Forms
01/01/2017 Guidance on Developing Conceptual Site Models (PDF 1M) Project Scoping, Human risk
05/01/2015 Small Arms Range Characterization (PDF 24K) Characterization & Cleanup
06/01/2014 Spill Reporting Form (PDF 398K) Forms
10/01/2012 Appendix I, Building Survey Form Vapor Intrusion (PDF 151K) Characterization & Cleanup, Forms
09/01/2002 Determining Background Concentrations (EPA Guidance) (PDF 1M) Characterization & Cleanup
01/01/1995 Cleanup Level Matrix for Hazardous Substances in Soil (PDF 10M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
10/01/2010 Human Health Graphic Form (interactive) (PDF 87K) Project Scoping, Forms
03/01/2017 Determining the Fraction of Organic Carbon for Methods Three and Four (PDF 128K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
04/01/2017 Draft Cleanup Levels Guidance for Methods Two and Three (PDF 1M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
10/01/2010 Drycleaners (PDF 1M) Characterization & Cleanup
07/01/2008 EPA Eco Update—Evaluating Ground-Water/Surface-Water Transition Zones in Ecological Risk Assessments (PDF 1M) Ecological risk
06/01/1999 Technical Background Document for Selection and Application of Default Assessment Endpoints and Indicator Species in Alaskan Ecoregions (PDF 709K) Ecological Risk
03/01/2014 Ecoscoping Guidance: Blank Ecoscoping Form (PDF 55K) Ecological Risk
03/01/2014 Ecoscoping Guidance: A Tool for Developing an Ecological Conceptual Site Model (PDF 507K) Ecological Risk
11/01/2011 Environmental Molecular Diagnostics (EMDs) (ITRC Guidance) (PDF 1M) Characterization & Cleanup
10/01/2003 EPA Sampling Guidance (PDF 8M) Characterization & Cleanup
01/01/2017 Fate and Transport Modeling Guidance (PDF 177K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels, Characterization & Cleanup
06/01/2013 Dredge Material Guidance (PDF 159K) Characterization & Cleanup
04/01/2017 Treatment of Non-Detect Values, Data Reduction for Multiple Detections and Comparison of Quantitation Limits to Cleanup Values Tech Memo (PDF 109K) Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance
09/01/2016 Final Tech Memo—Qualified Sampler Training (PDF 68K) Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance
12/01/2005 EPA Contaminated Sediment Remediation Guidance for Hazardous Waste Sites (PDF 3M) Characterization & Cleanup, Human risk
04/01/2011 Contamination in Hydrologically Connected Groundwater and Surface Water (PDF 2M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
07/01/2009 Statistical Design / Analysis—The Army Corps of Engineers Interim Guidance for Incremental Sampling (IS) of Soil for the Military Munitions Response Program (PDF 453K) Characterization & Cleanup
10/01/2020 ITRC Incremental Sampling Methodology (PDF 46M) Characterization & Cleanup
11/01/2015 ITRC Adoption Tech Memo (PDF 210K) Characterization & Cleanup
03/01/2016 ITRC CSM Checklist for VI Investigations (PDF 95K) Characterization & Cleanup, Forms
04/01/2013 ITRC Environmental Molecular Diagnostics (PDF 4M) Characterization & Cleanup
10/01/2001 EPA's Land Use in the CERCLA Remedy Selection (PDF 834K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
11/01/2016 Petroleum Mass Fraction Spreadsheet (XLS 84K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
09/01/2013 Monitoring Well Guidance (PDF 251K) Characterization & Cleanup
12/01/2011 Monitored Natural Attenuation Guidance (PDF 1M) Characterization & Cleanup
03/01/2013 Operation Requirements for Soil Treatment Facilities—Adopted by Reference (PDF 228K) Remediation
01/28/2019 UST Addendum (PDF 70K) UST Submit the UST Addendum for installation, upgrade, reconfiguration, fix, or repair of any component of an existing UST system. A component of a UST system is defined as any related material or equipment which, if it should fail, could cause a release, or, cause a release to go undetected or uncontained. Work on any component of a UST system requires a state licensed UST installer. Due no later than 30 days after installation or return to operation.
02/01/2008 Out of Service Part 2 Empty Tank Affidavit (PDF 60K) UST
01/28/2019 Impressed Current System CP Test Form (PDF 69K) UST, Forms
06/01/2016 Change Ownership of UST   (PDF 31K) UST, Forms 15 to 60 days after change of ownership
01/28/2019 Class C Operator Training ADEC Recommended Checklist (PDF 47K) UST
08/01/2016 Closure of an UST (PDF 95K) UST, Forms 15 to 60 days prior to closure work
01/28/2019 Galvanic Cathodic Protection Survey (PDF 144K) UST
01/28/2019 Corrosion Log (PDF 30K) UST 60-Day Log for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
07/01/2016 Intent to Install or Reconfigure a UST (PDF 120K) UST, Forms 15 to 60 days prior to tank work
11/01/2016 Internal Inspection Checklist for Field-Constructed UST Systems (PDF 166K) UST
01/28/2019 Leak Detection Fact Sheet (PDF 107K) UST
07/01/2015 Post-Closure of an UST   (PDF 135K) UST, Forms 30 days after closure complete
11/01/1995 Preliminary Risk Evaluation Form (PDF 429K) UST, Forms
04/01/2015 UST Registration and Certification (PDF 178K) UST, Forms Registration for Installation, Repair, Upgrade or Reconfiguration for new or existing underground storage tank. No more than 30 days after installation or return to operation (for Upgrades, too)
10/01/1995 Site Assessment/Release Investigation (PDF 22K) UST Site Assessment report within 60 days from date of closure and Release Investigation report within 45 days from date of closure
11/01/2016 Spill Placard updated with UST directives (PDF 179K) UST
07/01/2016 Out of Service Part 1 Taken Out of Service or Temporary Closure of an underground storage tank (PDF 106K) UST
07/01/2014 Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Form (PDF 49K) UST, Forms
01/28/2019 Underground Storage Tank Surety Bond Form - Proof of Financial Responsibility (PDF 28K) UST, Forms
01/28/2019 Underground Storage Tank Financial Guarantee Form - Proof of Financial Responsibility (PDF 26K) UST, Forms
04/01/2017 Public Records Request Form (DOC 27K) Forms
01/01/2013 Sediment Quality Guidelines—Technical Memorandum (PDF 29K) Human risk
05/01/2001 Sediment Quality Guideline Options for the State of Alaska (PDF 605K) Human risk
11/01/2016 Cleanup Levels Comparison Spreadsheet (XLS 44K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
03/01/2017 Site Characterization Work Plan and Reporting Guidance for Investigation of Contaminated Sites (PDF 200K) Characterization & Cleanup
11/01/2017 DEC Fact Sheet — Additional Information about Exposure to TCE (PDF 82K) Human risk
11/01/2008 Arsenic Technical Memorandum (PDF 15K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
05/01/2006 Biogenic Interference and Silica Gel Cleanup—Technical Memorandum (PDF 36K) Characterization & Cleanup, Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance
01/25/2019 tm-oversize-material.pdf
01/01/2001 Toxicity of the Polar Fraction in Petroleum—Technical Memorandum (PDF 16K) Human risk
01/01/2020 Contaminated Media Transport and Treatment or Disposal Approval Form (PDF 74K) Remediation, Forms
06/01/1999 User's Guide for Selection and Application of Default Assessment Endpoints and Indicator Species in Alaskan Ecoregions (PDF 488K) Ecological risk
03/01/2017 Underground Storage Tank Procedures Manual (PDF 1M) UST
11/01/2017 Vapor Intrusion Guidance (PDF 1M) Characterization & Cleanup
10/01/2012 Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline by the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council) (PDF 3M) Characterization & Cleanup
11/01/2008 Soil Water Partitioning Technical Memorandum (PDF 26K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
09/01/2005 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Cleanup for Oversize Material—Technical Memorandum (PDF 27K) Remediation
01/03/2020 Site Closure Memorandum (editable form) (PDF 442K) Closure
10/22/2019 Lab Data and QA Policy Tech Memo (PDF 156K) Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance
10/22/2019 Field Sampling Guidance For Contaminated Sites and Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites (PDF 2M) Characterization & Cleanup, Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance
05/01/2020 Laboratory Data Review Checklist (DOC 45K) Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance, Forms
11/17/2020 ISM 95 percent UCL calculator (XLS 1M) Characterization & Cleanup
02/01/2018 Procedures for Calculating Cleanup Levels (PDF 1M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
02/01/2018 Procedures for Calculating Cumulative Risk (PDF 873K) Human & Ecological Risk
02/01/2018 Risk Assessment Procedures Manual (PDF 1M) Human & Ecological Risk
03/01/2018 ITRC PFAS Sampling Fact Sheet (PDF 504K) Characterization & Cleanup
04/04/2019 Arctic Zone Cleanup Levels Guidance (PDF 126K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
10/15/2018 Class A/B Facility Operator Designation Form (PDF 131K) UST, Forms
12/01/2012 EPA Region 10 Recommendations Regarding TCE Toxcity in Human Health Risk Assessments (PDF 521K) Human risk
08/03/2018 Guidance on Evaluating Naturally Occurring Metals at Sites (PDF 170K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
03/01/2020 Design and Maintenance of Landfarming Operations—Technical Memorandum (PDF 92K) Remediation
04/01/2014 Leak Detection Recordkeeping Fact Sheet (PDF 107K) UST Title 18 Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) 78, Underground Storage Tanks, requires leak detection monitoring and recordkeeping in paragraphs 18 AAC 78.060, 78.065 and 78.070
03/01/2000 Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF 1M) UST Requirements, Recommendations, and Practical Advice for Owners and Operators
12/14/2015 Listing Methodology for Determining Water Quality Impairments from Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Oils and Grease (PDF 284K) Characterization & Cleanup
10/02/2019 PFAS Drinking Water Action Levels Technical Memorandum (PDF 169K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
03/01/2019 Treatment of Non-Detects and Blank Detections in PFAS (PDF 81K) Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance
12/01/2006 SOC Three and Four Phase Partitioning of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Human Health Risk Calculations (PDF 1M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
09/01/2006 SOC Hydrocarbon Characterization for Use in the Four-Phase Cumulative Risk Calculator (PDF 596K) Characterization & Cleanup
12/01/2006 SOC Dilution-Attenuation Factors at Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Sites (PDF 1M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
09/01/2006 SOC Proposed Environmental Site Closeout Concepts, Criteria, and Definitions  (PDF 171K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
09/01/2006 SOC Groundwater Sampling Techniques for Sites Characterization and Hydrocarbon Risk Calculations (PDF 819K) Characterization & Cleanup
09/01/2006 SOC Hydrocarbon Characterization and Alaska Fuels (PDF 423K) Characterization & Cleanup
09/01/2006 SOC Maximum Allowable Concentration, Residual Saturation, and Free-Product Mobility (PDF 1M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
10/01/2006 SOC Migration to indoor Air Calculations for Use in Hydrocarbon Risk Calculator (PDF 399K) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
09/01/2006 SOC Site Conditions Summary Report for Hydrocarbon Risk Calculations and Site Status Determination (PDF 3M) Screening & Establishing Cleanup Levels
03/01/2002 Underground Storage Tank Inspector Handbook Part 1 (PDF 1M) UST The definitive handbook for third party inspectors
03/01/2002 Underground Storage Tank Inspector Handbook Part 2 (PDF 1M) UST The definitive handbook for third party inspectors
09/25/2018 Utility and Right-of-Way Projects with Contaminated Media (PDF 84K) Project Scoping, Characterization & Cleanup
04/02/2021 2021 UST Operations Inspection Report, ADEC Form 18-0511 (PDF 864K) UST, Forms
04/01/2021 Laboratory Data Review Checklist for Air Samples (DOC 42K) Analytical Methods & Quality Assurance, Forms

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