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Southeast Alaska Area Contingency Plan Public Review

The public comment period for the draft Southeast Alaska Area Contingency Plan (SEAK ACP) is Wednesday, September 23 through Monday, October 26, 2020

This SEAK ACP serves as primary guidance during a response to an oil discharge or hazardous substance release. The SEAK ACP describes the strategies of a coordinated federal, state, tribal, and local response to a discharge, or substantial threat of discharge or release from a vessel or on/offshore facility operating within the SEAK Area boundaries.

Documents and Links

Draft Southeast Alaska Area Contingency Plan, version 2020.0
Draft plan for public review
How to Comment Instructions
Instructions to submit comments
How to Comment Matrix
Comment Matrix template
Notice of Public Comment Period
State of Alaska public notice how and when to comment
Southeast Alaska Area Contingency Plan web page
Webpage providing a brief overview of the SEAK Area as well as links to supplemental documents and maps.

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