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Alaska Inland Area

`1The Alaska Inland Area Contingency Plan (ACP) is an operational plan prepared by the Area Committee for, and in consultation with, the ADEC and USEPA responders responsible for its implementation. Plan content is intended to support the individuals that fill a response role and to achieve a coordinated and effective response to a pollution event. Additional references and tools to support a response linked within the ACP are available on the ADEC’s website. These references and tools provide valuable information used to support a response to an oil discharge or hazardous substance release anywhere in Alaska.

The Alaska Inland state and federal On-Scene Coordinators seek participation from interested parties in the Area Committee in our response preparedness efforts. If you would like to participate in the Area Committee, please contact , Mary Goolie, USEPA AK Area Planner, or Allison Natcher, DEC AK Area Planner.

Plan Documents

The Alaska Inland Area Contingency Plan (ACP)

Last update: March 2021

Area Map (click image to expand)

The Alaska Inland Area includes all terrestrial land of the state 1,000 yards inland of the coastline. The following geographic zones lie partially within the Alaska Inland Area:

  • 1 - Southeast Alaska
  • 2 - Prince William Sound
  • 3 - Cook Inlet
  • 4 - Kodiak Island
  • 5 - Aleutians
  • 6 - Bristol Bay
  • 7 - Western Alaska
  • 8 - Northwest Arctic
  • 9 - North Slope
  • 10 - Interior

Outreach Opportunities

Next Area Committee Meeting

Alaska Inland Area Committee Meeting

For information regarding meeting locations and agendas, visit the Alaska Regional Response Team website

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