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Response Planning Public Review

Welcome to the SPAR Response Planning Public Review page. This page is designed to help you navigate important information concerning Alaska’s plans for federal and State response to an oil discharge, or substantial threat of a discharge of oil and / or a release of a hazardous substance. ADEC, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Region 10, and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) District 17 and Sector Anchorage, Sector Juneau, and Marine Safety Unit Valdez manage response operations in accordance with these planning documents. Here you will find a concise overview of information with links to detailed information for Alaska’s government planning documents.

Currently Under Review

There are no Area or Regional Response Plans currently under review.

Upcoming Reviews

  • Alaska Inland Area Contingency Plan
  • Prince William Sound Area Contingency Plan
  • Southeast Alaska Area Contingency Plan

No Longer Under Review

Arctic and Western Alaska Area Contingency Plan, Version 2018.1
The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Coast Guard are seeking public input into Version 2018.1 of the Arctic and Western Alaska Area Contingency Plan (AWA ACP).
Proposed Changes To Alaska’s Planning Structure (July 2018)
Decommissioning the Unified Plan and Sub-area Plans to a Regional Contingency Plan and four Area Contingency Plans

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