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NPDES Primacy Application

NPDES Primacy Application

October 29, 2008 Application

DEC submitted a final NPDES application October 29, 2008. The NPDES application established a schedule for EPA to transfer permitting and compliance responsibility for the NPDES Program to DEC over a period of four years from the NPDES application approval date. On August 11, 2011 EPA approved DEC's request for a one-year extension of the transfer period, and the NPDES application was amended. On October 31, 2012, DEC assumed full authority to administer the wastewater discharge permitting and compliance program in Alaska.

The application consists of six components:

  1. letter from the Governor (PDF) requesting approval of the state's application;
  2. A Program Description that describes how the state will issue APDES permits, ensure permit compliance, conduct enforcement, fund the program, and manage program information and data;
  3. A signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the State and EPA that stablishes timeframes for the State to assume authority for the program;
  4. An Attorney General Statement (PDF) (PDF) confirming that the State's laws and regulations are sufficient to implement the NPDES program;
  5. Statutes and Regulations that the State adopted to provide the necessary authority to implement the NPDES program, including HB 149 (PDF) (PDF) signed by Governor Palin; and
  6. A Continuing Planning Process document that discusses how DEC will continually update its program.

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