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DEC Wastewater Permit Issuance Plan

for Calendar Years 2021-2022

The permits listed in this Permit Issuance Plan reflect the Department’s permit priorities at the time the Plan was finalized. Note that during the time period covered by the Plan, the Department’s permit priorities are subject to change as a result of permit processing delays, new priorities and/or competing unforeseen workloads. Current PIP (PDF)

2021-2022 Permit Issuance Plan
Year Type Permit Number Expiration Date Facility Name Receiving Water
2021 GP 2013DB004 2019/08/28 Large Cruise Ship GP Marine Waters
2021 GP AKR100000 2021/01/31 Construction General Permit (CGP) Statewide
2021 GP AKG315200 2012/7/2 Cook Inlet Oil & Gas Development & Production GP Cook Inlet
2021 GP AKG370000 2020/7/31 Mechanical Placer GP Statewide
2021 GP AKG700000 2020/03/31 Pre-1985 Log Transfer and Storage Facilities GP Statewide Marine Waters
2021 GP AKG710000 2020/03/31 Post-1985 Log Transfer and Storage Facilities GP Statewide Marine Waters
2021 GP AKG521000 New (Replaces AKG520000) Onshore Seafood Processors GP Various Marine and Freshwater
2021 IP AK0000396 2021/01/31 Hilcorp Alaska - Drift River Terminal Cook Inlet
2021 IP AK0053309 2014/09/20 Cook Inlet Energy - Osprey Platform Cook Inlet
2021 IP AK0055891 New Petro Star - Valdez Refinery Abercrombie Creek and Groundwater
2021 IP AK0053708 2020/06/30 Niblack Project, LLC c/o Heatherdale Resources Committee Bay
2021 IP 2013DB0001 2018/03/12 Niblack Mine WMP Committee Bay
2021 IP TBD New Dawson Mine WMP N/A
2021 IP AK0040649 2019/05/31 Red Dog Port Bering Sea
2021 IP 2014DB0004 2020/03/31 Anaktuvuk Pass WWTF Subsurface Leachfield
2021 IP AK0023213 2020/05/31 Juneau Douglas WWTF Gastineau Channel
2021 IP AK0021431 2020/07/31 Valdez WWTF Port of Valdez
2021 IP AK0021377 2020/07/31 Kenai WWTF Cook Inlet
2021 IP AK0053481 2020/08/31 Kodiak Landfill Leachate Unnamed Wetland
2021 IP AK0026603 2021/02/28 Beluga Power Plant Krause Creek
2021 IP AK0023451 2021/04/30 City of Fairbanks and Golden Heart Utilities Inc WWTF Tanana River
2021 IP AK0021245 2021/08/31 Homer WWTF Kachemak Bay
2021 IP AK0053724 2021/09/30 Spring Creek WWTF Resurrection Bay
2021 IP AK0020648 2022/02/28 Kodiak US Coast Guard WWTF St. Paul Harbor
2021 IP AK0052388 2004/09/13 Peter Pan Seafoods Inc., King Cove King Cove
2021 IP AK0000272 2008/03/31 Alyeska Seafoods Unalaska Bay/Illiuliuk Harbor
2021 IP AK0028657 2008/03/31 Unisea Seafoods Unalaska Bay/Illiuliuk Harbor
2021 IP AK0053490 New Trident Seafoods, St. Paul Seafood Processor Bering Sea & St. Paul Harbor
2021 IP AKS052589 2021/10/31 Ft Wainwright MS4 Chena River
2022 GP 2016DB0001 2021/09/30 Underground Injection Control Class I Well GP Subsurface Injection
2022 GP AKG332000 2022/02/28 North Slop Oil and Gas GP Subsurface Injection
2021 GP AKG320000 2022/12/31 Statewide Oil and Gas Pipelines Statewide
2021 GP AKG371000 2021/01/31 Medium-Sized Suction Dredge Placer GP Statewide
2022 GP AKG870000 2021/03/31 Pesticide GP Statewide
2022 GP AKG572000 2022/09/30 Small POTW and Other Small Treatment Works GP Statewide
2022 IP TBD New Oil Search Alaska, Inc. - Nanushuk Waterflooding Beaufort
2022 IP AK0000841 2022/06/30 Andeavor (Formerly Tesoro) - Kenai Refinery Cook Inlet
2022 IP 2013DB0002 2018/09/19 Kensington WMP N/A
2022 IP AK0043206 2020/09/30 Greens Creek Mine Hawk Inlet
2022 IP AK0022942 2022/05/31 Golden Valley Electric Association Healy Power Plant Nenana River
2022 IP AK0053635 2022/05/31 North Tongass Car Wash Tongass Narrows
2022 IP AK0021890 2022/05/31 Seward WWTF Resurrection Bay
2022 IP AK0000507 2022/06/29 Agrium Kenai Plant Cook Inlet
2022 IP AK0021547 2022/07/31 Cordova WWTF Orca Inlet
2022 IP AK0053333 2023/01/31 Aurora Energy Chena Power Plant Chena River
2022 IP AK0052787 2004/09/13 Trident Seafoods, Sand Point Popof Straight
2022 IP AK0034303 2008/03/31 Trident Seafoods, Akutan Akutan Harbor
2022 IP AK0049786 2007/01/02 Westward Seafoods Captains Bay Facility Dutch Harbor

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