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Proposed Tier 3 Criteria and Nomination Information

  1. To be eligible for Tier 3 designation the water must have exceptional characteristics relative to other state of Alaska water including one or more of the following:
    1. The water is in a relatively pristine condition, largely absent of human sources of degradation, and of exceptional value to the state in this condition;
    2. The water is of exceptional ecological, economic, or recreational significance; or
    3. The water is an exceptional and rare example or its type regardless of whether the water is considered high quality
  2. Any water or segment thereof that meets (a) (1), (2), or (3) may be nominated for Tier 3 designation. A nomination for Tier 3 designation may be submitted by any resident of Alaska. The nomination must include current contact information for the nominator and the following required information about the water proposed for Tier 3 designation:
    1. The name, description, and geographic location;
    2. The boundaries or extent, including maps, sufficient to define the water;
    3. Identification of land ownership adjacent and proximal to the proposed water, including information on whether those lands have a designated or protection status;
    4. Rationale and information to support a Tier 3 designation that meets the conditions listed in (a) including the required comparison to other state of Alaska water to demonstrate exceptional characteristics and an explanation of how the existing water quality supports the rationale;
    5. An explanation of why the existing management and protection levels are insufficient, including an identification and description of immediate, short term, or potential significant risks to the exceptional characteristics of the water;
    6. Any supporting available evidence, including information on existing uses, sufficient and credible water quality data, and other technical data or records; and
    7. Other available evidence which the nominator considers supportive of the nominations, such as:
      1. Any additional information on land owners, stakeholders, or communities that may be affected by the proposed designation and their respective interests in the proposed designation;
      2. Any economic or social information relative to the proposed designation, including available natural resources, special land area designations, transportation corridors, and subsistence uses and users;
      3. Documentation of any public outreach and the public’s level and degree of support for the proposed designation;
      4. Documentation of the level and degree of support for the proposed designation from any affected local government; and
      5. Any additional information related to the proposed water or evidence that supports the proposed designation.

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