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Triennial Review

Every three years, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) conducts a comprehensive review of the Water Quality Standards (WQS) in 18 AAC 70. This review helps to keep the pollution limits for Alaska's waters up to date by integrating the latest science, technology, policy, and federal requirements into how the State regulates water quality.

2021-2023 Triennial Review

2021-2023 High Priority Issues

Aluminum – Aquatic Life Criteria

DEC will prioritize the review of efforts by other states to establish default criteria when measured data is not readily available and develop a performance-based approach for implementation of EPA 2018 recommended criteria on a site-specific basis.

Human Health Criteria Update

DEC will prioritize an evaluation of the findings of the 2018 Technical Workgroup on potential issues and options associated with the calculation of pollutant-specific criteria for the protection of human health.

Manganese - Human Health Criteria

DEC will prioritize the review of recent scientific literature pertaining to manganese exposure and impacts on human health to determine whether revisions are warranted at this time.

Water Quality Criteria Clarification Rulemaking

DEC will prioritize development of draft regulatory language and administrative requirements for proposed amendments to state regulations.

EPA Submission Documents

Fact Sheets

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