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Dust Health Information

Dust may cause health problems in the villages. Dust aggravates existing heart and lung disease and can damage lung tissue. Children, seniors, and people with asthma and other respiratory or heart conditions are more susceptible to health problems from breathing in dust.

Dust is a nuisance as well. It can settle on the surfaces in your home affecting your food and sensitive belongings, like your computer. Outside it can settle on your fish drying racks.

Wind has been blowing dust off glaciers and dry river beds for generations. Now we throw dust back into the air with our four-wheelers, cars, and trucks. With increased use of these vehicles in recent years, the Department of Environmental Conservation is receiving more dust complaints.

ADEC has equipment designed to measure for dust particles less than one-tenth the diameter of your hair. Using these measurements it can be determined if dust levels exceed health standards. If you believe your village or community has a dust problem and would like more information, contact the DEC.

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