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Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response in Alaska Public Review

The public comment period for this document is now closed.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and Alaska Regional Response Team formally solicited public comments from January 31 – March 6, 2020 on the new Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response in Alaska (WPG), version 2020. Based on input received during this process, the WPG was revised and version 2020.1 replaced the 2012 version of the WPG, which was also known as Annex G of the [superseded] Unified Plan, on August 31, 2020.

The WPG is a non-regulatory document developed to facilitate compliance with state and federal contingency planning and spill response requirements, increase the efficiency and effectiveness or wildlife response in Alaska, and it is a reference for all of Alaska’s Area Contingency Plans. The primary purpose of the WPG is to provide guidance to oil spill planners and responders to minimize impacts to marine, freshwater, and inland fish and wildlife.

Documents and Links

Final document
WPG for Oil Spill Response in Alaska, Version 2020.1
Draft document for public review
WPG for Oil Spill Response in Alaska, Version 2020 (PDF 14.5M)
State of Alaska official public notice
Notice of public comment period (PDF)
Instructions for commenters
Public comment instructions
Template for organizing and submitting comments
Public comment template (XLS 15K)
WPG frequently asked questions
Detailed comparison of substantive differences between 2012 and 2020 versions
WPG version comparison (PDF)
Alaska Regional Response Team’s Wildlife Protection Committee webinar presentations*, January 13, 2020
Public workshop and webinar agenda (PDF)
Webinar Part I (PDF 6.4M)
Webinar Part II (PDF 6.6M)
*Presentations provide an overview of changes to the WPG
Superseded plan (for reference)
WPG for Oil Spill Response in Alaska, version 2012 (PDF 3.4M)
Responses to public comments
WPG Response to Comments Matrix, May 2020

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