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Instructions for Public Commenting on Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response in Alaska, Version 2020

For efficient processing and consideration of your comments, please use the Comment Matrix template provided to organize and submit your input, then submit the file via electronic mail. If you do not have access to Microsoft® Excel software, please ensure each data field listed in the instructions below is included and clearly labeled for each of your comments.

  1. Complete the information in the "Commenter Information" spreadsheet tab. Anonymous comments will not be considered. Organizations with multiple commenters may either submit forms for each commenter or consolidate comments into one Comment Matrix file. Contact information is optional, but must be included if you want confirmation that your comments have been received or if you wish to be contacted for clarification about your comments (if necessary) during the comment processing phase. See Example 1.
  2. Complete the following information in the "Comment Matrix" spreadsheet tab. Enter each comment in a separate row, providing all of the requested information for each comment. Please be as specific as possible with your entries in the "Comment," "Rationale," and "Information Source" fields. Feel free to re-size the column widths in the spreadsheet to suit your preference; there is no need to format the document for printing. See Example 2.
    1. Comment No. – Unique identifying number for each of your comments, pre-filled for your convenience. A total of 100 records are pre-filled with a comment number, but you may add records if you exceed 100 comments. It is not necessary to order your comments in any particular way (e.g., by priority or document line number).
    2. Commenter Name – The first and last name of the commenter.
    3. Section No. – The most specific section number in the document applicable to your comment. For example, if you have a comment relevant to all subsections of section 1600 (National Policy and Doctrine), enter "1600." If you have a comment specifically about subsection 1620.1 (Migratory Bird Treaty Act), enter "1620.1."
    4. Page No. – The page number (shown at the bottom of each page) that your comment pertains to. If your comment pertains to a section that spans multiple, consecutive pages, enter the page number of the first page only. For example, if your comment applies to a section that spans pages 1-1 to 1-3, enter "1-1." Note that the page number does not refer to the page number of the electronic file.
    5. Line No. – The line number that your comment pertains to. If your comment pertains to content on consecutive lines, enter the line number of the first line only. For example, if your comment applies to a sentence that begins on line 12 and ends on line 16, enter "12."
    6. Comment – Enter your comment in this field. If applicable, enter the specific language that you recommend for replacing the original language.
    7. Rationale – If applicable, state the rationale for your comment or recommended change.
    8. Information Source – If applicable, provide a citation for the source(s) used to support your comment or rationale. For example, citations may include a webpage link or a formal citation for a peer-reviewed manuscript. Comments and rationale supported by reliable sources are more heavily weighted during the comment processing phase

Example 1

Commenter Name Organization Name (if applicable) Telephone No. Email Address Mailing Address

Example 2

Comment No. Commenter Name Section No. Page No. Line No. Comment Rationale Information Source

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