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Industrial or Nondomestic Discharges - Applications

An operator of an industrial facility requesting to discharge wastewater to surface waters must apply for an Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (APDES) permit. If the discharge is not to surface waters (i.e. it is to land or subsurface), then the operator applies for a state permit.

Two types of permits are available. An individual permit is issued to a specific facility or for a specific disposal activity. A general permit is issued on a state-wide, regional, or geographical basis for a category of disposal activities that are similar in nature and will comply with applicable water quality standards.

All applicants requesting an individual APDES permit must complete Form 1, General Application, in addition to the APDES application specific to your operations and discharge.

Individual Permit Applications
Number Name Application
Form 1
General Application
Must be completed by all applicants required to obtain an individual APDES permit. (Except POTWs who complete APDES Form 2A (PDF).)
Form 2B
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
Includes aquatic animal production facilities.
Not Available
Contact DEC.
Form 2C
Existing Industrial Facilities
Includes manufacturing, commercial, mining, and silvicultural operations.
Form 2D
New Sources and New Dischargers
Application for Permit to Discharge Process Wastewater
Form 2E
Facilities That Discharge Only Nonprocess Wastewater
Process wastewater is water that comes into direct contact with or results from the production or use of any raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by product, waste product, or wastewater. This form is intended for new and existing facilities discharging sanitary wastes and noncontact cooling water.
Form 2F
Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity
Contact DEC: or 907-269-6283
Form 2G
Antidegradation Form PDF
Mixing Zone Application
Number Name Application
Form 2M
Request for a Mixing Zone
Must be completed by an applicant requesting a mixing zone for a discharge.
General Permit Applications
Number APDES Permit Name Notice of Intent
AKG701000 Log Transfer Facility - Post 1985 Notice of Intent (PDF)
AKG700000 Log Transfer Facility - Pre 1985 Notice of Intent (PDF)
AKG523000 Alaska Offshore Seafood Processor Online Application System
AKG520000 Seafood Processors in Alaska Notice of Intent (PDF)
AKG426000 Graywater Discharges From Facilities Related to Oil and Gas Extraction That Have an Approved Minimum Treatment Waiver Notice of Intent (PDF)
AKG380000 Wastewater Discharges from Drinking Water Treatment Facilities Notice of Intent (PDF)
AKG332000 North Slope Oil and Gas Online Application System
AKG250000 Non-Contact Cooling Water Notice of Intent (PDF)
AKG003000 Hydrostatic and Aquifer Pump Test General Permit Online Application System
AKG002000 Excavation Dewatering Online Application System
Number State Permit Name Notice of Intent
2021DB0002 Class I Underground Injection Control Wells Notice of Disposal (PDF)

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