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Human Health Criteria Public Workshop

Human Health Criteria Public Workshop

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conversation (DEC) held a public workshop on October 29 and 30, 2015 on potential revisions to human health criteria in state water quality standards. The goal of the workshop was to inform the interested public regarding the role of human health criteria in water quality standards (18 AAC 70), how human health criteria are derived, and how revisions to the criteria may be implemented in Alaska’s regulatory programs and practices.

The following presentations took place on October 29 and 30 at the DEC Human Health Criteria Public Workshop:

  1. DEC Introduction (PDF)
  2. U.S. EPA National Perspective (PDF)
  3. DHSS/DEC Fish Consumption Advisory Program (PDF)
  4. DEC Toxics, Exposure and Risk in Human Health Criteria formula (PDF)
  5. U.S. EPA Dietary Survey Presentation (PDF)
  6. Human Health Criteria Rulemaking in Washington (PDF)
  7. Human Health Criteria Rulemaking in Idaho (PDF)
  8. DEC Fish Consumption In Alaska Literature Review (PDF)
  9. Seldovia Village Tribe: Conducting a Dietary Survey In Seldovia Alaska (PDF)
  10. ADF&G-Division of Subsistence: Role of ADF&G in the Collection of Fish Harvest and Consumption Data (PDF)
  11. DEC Implementation Tools for Consideration in the Regulatory Process (PDF)
  12. Questions and Comments received during the public workshop (DOCX)

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