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Human Health Criteria Technical Workgroup


The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) determined that formulation of a human health criteria (HHC) technical workgroup is warranted. The workgroup will be composed of public and private stakeholders. The role of the Workgroup is to:

  • Review the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Methodology for Deriving Ambient Water Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health (2000) and Updated National Recommended Water Quality Criteria for the Protection of Human Health (2015)
  • Review existing information applicable to HHC derivation
  • Identify potential options for state decision makers to consider in the rule making process

The Technical Workgroup will be exploring the following questions as part of this process: 
  Technical Workgroup Questions (DOCX)

The role of the workgroup is purely advisory in nature and will not immediately result in rule making.

Composition of HHC Workgroup

Participants represent a variety of public and private interests. Individuals were identified by DEC or recommended to DEC as representative of key stakeholder groups. All final decisions associated with the composition of the workgroup were made at DEC’s discretion.

Technical Workgroup Participants (DOCX)

Where we are now

DEC will be holding its first workgroup meeting on August 20, 2015 in the first floor conference room of the DEC building located at 555 Cordova Street, Anchorage. This meeting will be open to the public but seating is limited. The proceedings of the meeting will be posted online within two weeks of the meeting date. Subsequent meetings will be held via web conferencing services.

Meeting Date Documents
Meeting 1: August 20, 2015 Meeting #1 Agenda (DOCX)
  Ground Rules for Participation (DOCX)
  HHC Workgroup Overview Presentation
  ADEC Fact Sheet
  EPA Fact Sheet
  Summary of Values
  Alaska FCR Lit. Review
  Peer Review
  ADF&G Report
Meeting 2: September 30, 2015 General Agenda for the Technical Workgroup Process (DOCX)
  Meeting #2 Agenda (DOCX)
  State of Idaho White Paper: Consumers v. Nonconsumers
  State of Idaho White Paper: General v. Targeted Subpopulations
  Technical Workgroup Presentation
  ADF&G Harvest comparison with Seldovia Village Tribe FCR
Meeting 3: October 30, 2015 Meeting #3 Agenda (DOCX)
  Meeting #3 Presentation
  State of Idaho White Paper: Anadromous Species
  State of Idaho White Paper: Market v. Local Fish
Meeting 4: December 15, 2015 Meeting #4 Agenda (DOCX)
  Meeting #4 Presentation (PDF)
  HHC Calculator Tool
Meeting 5: January 26, 2016 Meeting #5 Agenda
  Meeting #5 Presentation
  Idaho RSC white paper
  Washington RSC white paper (PDF)
  EPA RSC Presentation (PDF)
Meeting 6: February 24, 2016 Meeting #6 BCF/BAF Presentation (PDF)
  Meeting #6 Incremental Risk Presentation
  National Cancer Risk Levels
  EPA (2015) Bioaccumulation Fact Sheet
Meeting 7: May 11, 2016 Meeting #7 Agenda (DOCX)
  White Paper: Statewide v. Regional Criteria (DOCX)
Meeting 8: October 12-13, 2016 Meeting #8 Agenda (DOCX)
  Meeting #8 Presentations
  ADFG Preliminary Fish Consumption Percentiles
Meeting 9: December 15, 2016 Meeting #9 Agenda (DOCX)
  Meeting #9 Presentations
  Draft White Paper: Chemicals in Alaska with Human Health Criteria
Meeting 10: February 28, 2017 Meeting #10 Agenda (DOCX)
  Meeting #10 Presentations
  Draft DEC Treatment of Marine Mammals Policy Options paper
Meeting 11: April 12, 2017 Meeting 11 Agenda (DOCX)
  Meeting #11 Presentation
  Draft DEC Marine Mammal Options Paper (DOCX)
  Draft DEC HHC Implementation Paper (DOCX)
Meeting 12: October 17, 2018 Agenda (PDF)
  Presentation (PDF)
  Meeting Notes (PDF)

Method of Public Participation

The meeting presentations will be available to the public via web conferencing. To be included in the web conference you will need to contact the following address in advance of the meeting:

Additional meetings may be scheduled if necessary.

For additional information regarding this rule making, contact Brock Tabor at, 907-465-5185.

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