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Updates to Air Quality Regulations and Eagle River and Juneau Limited Maintenance Plans - 2020

Adoption Action - July 22, 2020

Adoption Documents--final document to follow
Adoption Order
Response to Comments
18 AAC 50 Reg Update, Adopted
SIP Volume II, Section III Limited Maintenance Plans: Eagle River PM10, Juneau PM10
SIP Volume III, Appendix to Volume II, Section II: Eagle River PM10 LMP Appendix, Juneau PM10 LMP Appendix
SIP Volume III, Appendices, Section II.A, State Air Statutes and Regulations

Filing Certification Action - October 8, 2020

Finalized Regulations Action - November 7, 2020

EPA Transmittal Action - October 30, 2020

EPA Approval Actions

EPA Approval Documents--documents to follow

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