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Teck-Cominco Red Dog Mine

Red Dog Mine

This web page provides information related to mineral dust dispersion and control efforts underway by Teck-Cominco Alaska Inc., the operators of the Red Dog mine in the vicinity of Kotzebue, Alaska. In early 2005, Teck-Cominco reported to the State DEC, DNR, Department of Health and Social Services), NANA Regional Corporation, area village leaders and other interested people and organizations about the occurrence of historical and ongoing mineral dust deposition on vegetation and soils immediately adjacent to the mine and mill.

The DEC issued Air Operating Permit governs the emissions of air contaminants from operations and equipment at the mine and mill. While our review revealed no permit violations, Teck Cominco is proactively performing various scientific and engineering studies to apply best management practices and technologies to further reduce the generation of mineral based airborne particles (dust). The State is providing guidance to Teck-Cominco in their endeavor as described in a Memorandum of Understanding. This web site is being maintained to provide easy access to all documents related to this project.

Memorandum of Understanding between DEC and Teck-Cominco relating to Fugitive Dust (PDF), updated 2007

Fugitive Dust / Dust Control Reports

Quarterly Fugitive Dust Updates

Annual Reports

Other Reports

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