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Large Cruise Ship General Permit

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Cruise Ship Program issued a Large Commercial Passenger Vessel Wastewater Discharge General Permit 2013DB0004 on August 29, 2014. On November 12, 2014 the Division of Water completed an informal review of the General Permit and stayed the permit. The Division remanded the permit back to the Cruise Ship Program. Informal Review Response November 12, 2014. On November 26, 2014 the Division responded to the request with an updated Fact Sheet. Remand Response November 26, 2014. An adjudicatory hearing request was granted by the Commissioner on May 15, 2015. A Final Decision was made on December 17, 2015.

The General Permit is administratively extended on January 8, 2020 to cover the 2020 cruise ship season for development of a draft General Permit for use in 2021.

Permit Documents and information

For additional information and questions, please contact the cruise ship program.

Ships Authorized to Discharge in 2020

Note: 2019 or 2020 NOI required to discharge in 2020, per January 8, 2020 GP Extension Letter (Link above): Vessels that were issued discharge authorizations under 2013DB0004 and plan to discharge in Alaska waters in 2020 must submit a new Notice of Intent unless one has been submitted already in 2019 and that submittal still accurately reflects treatment equipment and operations for 2020 and beyond.

Date Title and Document Download Category Program
05/08/2019 2013DB0004-0034 (PDF 2M) Royal Princess
04/19/2019 2013DB0004-0035 (PDF 2M) Queen Elizabeth
04/12/2019 2013DB0004-0033 (PDF 3M) Celebrity Millennium
03/13/2019 2013DB0004-0032 (PDF 1M) Ovation of the Seas
03/11/2019 2013DB0004-0029 (PDF 2M) Silver Muse
03/15/2019 2013DB0004-0030 (PDF 2M) Viking Orion
03/15/2019 2013DB0004-0031 (PDF 2M) Norwegian Joy

Previous Authorizations to Discharge

Date Title and Document Download Category Program
07/18/2018 2013DB0004-0011Rev1 (PDF 1M) Regatta
05/18/2018 2013DB0004-0028 (PDF 2M) Norwegian Bliss
04/25/2018 2013DB0004-0024 (PDF 2M) Le Soleal
04/21/2017 2013DB0004-0027 (PDF 2M) Emerald Princess
04/13/2017 2013DB0004-0026 (PDF 2M) Seabourn Sojourn
04/12/2017 2013DB0004-0025 (PDF 3M) Eurodam
04/01/2016 2013DB0004-0023 (PDF 2M) Nieuw Amsterdam
04/27/2016 2013DB0004-0022 (PDF 3M) Maasdam
03/15/2016 2013DB0004-0021 (PDF 468K) Sun Princess
03/31/2016 2013DB0004-0020 (PDF 3M) Island Princess
02/24/2016 2013DB0004-0019 (PDF 1M) Seven Seas Mariner
05/01/2015 2013DB0004-0015 (PDF 2M) Norwegian Jewel
05/01/2015 2013DB0004-0016 (PDF 2M) Norwegian Pearl
05/01/2015 2013DB0004-0017 (PDF 2M) Norwegian Sun
05/01/2015 2013DB0004-0018 (PDF 1M) L'Austral
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0007 (PDF 3M) Golden Princess
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0008 (PDF 3M) Grand Princess
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0009 (PDF 3M) Pacific Princess
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0010 (PDF 3M) Star Princess
04/29/2015 2013DB0004-0005 (PDF 3M) Ruby Princess
04/29/2015 2013DB0004-0006 (PDF 3M) Crown Princess
04/28/2015 2013DB0004-0001 (PDF 1M) Disney Wonder
04/28/2015 2013DB0004-0002 (PDF 936K) Silver Shadow
04/28/2015 2013DB0004-0003 (PDF 2M) Coral Princess
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0012 (PDF 1M) Statendam
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0013 (PDF 1M) Volendam
04/30/2015 2013DB0004-0014 (PDF 1M) Zaandam
04/29/2015 2013DB0004-0004 (PDF 2M) Seven Seas Navigator


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