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Cruise Ships Current Science Advisory Panel

Information Collected and Resources

Date Title and Document Download Category Program Folder ID
02/08/2019 Information about the membrane treatment technology used in Barrow (PDF 325K) InformationCollected 13189
02/08/2019 Edited Schematic Diagram of Ship Processes (PDF 43K) InformationCollected 13190
02/08/2019 Publicly-Owned Wastewater Treatment Plants and the Section 301(h) Program (PDF 70K) InformationCollected 13191
02/08/2019 Municipalities compared to cruise ships for selected pollutants (PDF 87K) InformationCollected 13192
02/08/2019 Science Panel Technology Workshop (PDF 16M) General 13194
02/08/2019 Science Panel Final Charter (PDF 717K) General 13195
03/06/2020 Data collection survey for pollution prevention, control, and treatment methods for large cruise ships (PDF 467K) InformationCollected 20054
03/06/2020 Princess Cruise Lines 2008 2009 CBJ Charges (PDF 72K) InformationCollected 20056
03/06/2020 Technology Data (PDF 375K) InformationCollected 20057
03/06/2020 Updated data collection survey response matrices (PDF 101K) InformationCollected 20058
03/06/2020 Vendor Information Inquiry Responses (PDF 675K) InformationCollected 20059
03/06/2020 EPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Nickel-1980 (PDF 6M) Resource 20060
03/06/2020 EPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Copper-1984 (PDF 4M) Resource 20061
03/06/2020 EPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Zinc-1987 (PDF 6M) Resource 20062
03/06/2020 EPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Ammonia (Saltwater) -1989 (PDF 1M) Resource 20063
03/06/2020 Coast Guard Wastewater Treatment Technology Certification Process (PDF 284K) Resource 20065
03/06/2020 Feasibility Study, Reducing Concentrations of Dissolved Metals and Ammonia in Large Passenger Vessel Wastewater Discharges (PDF 3M) Resource 20066
03/06/2020 Lloyd's Register Group Cruise Ship Wastewater Science Advisory Panel 15 Presentation (PDF 711K) Resource 20067
03/06/2020 Source Reduction Evaluation 2008 2009 Part I (PDF 802K) Resource 20068
03/06/2020 Source Reduction Summary Report 2010 (PDF 582K) Resource 20069
03/06/2020 Logistics and considerations of installation and operation of AWTS 2010 (PDF 1M) Resource 20070
03/06/2020 Source Reduction Evaluation 2008 2009 Part II (PDF 703K) Resource 20071
03/06/2020 Metals and Ammonia Removal from Wastewaters 2010 (PDF 1M) Resource 20072
03/06/2020 Timeline Requirements for CS for CSHB 134 (RES) (PDF 30K) Resource 20073
03/06/2020 SAP Preliminary Report Outline (PDF 51K) Resource 20074
03/06/2020 Feasibility Study: Reducing concentrations of dissolved metals and ammonia in large passenger vessel wastewater discharges (PDF 4M) Resource 20075
03/06/2020 Effluent technology data (PDF 375K) Resource 20076
03/06/2020 Final Permit Limits and municipal permit limits 2010 (PDF 87K) Resource 20077
03/06/2020 Ballot Measure No. 2 Cruiseship Initiative 2006 (PDF 2M) Resource 20079
03/06/2020 Certain Alaskan Cruise Ship Operations--US Title XIV (PDF 116K) Resource 20080
03/06/2020 CPVEC Sample Data 2000-2009 (PDF 992K) Resource 20081
03/06/2020 Economic Feasibility, Cruise Ship Wastewater (PDF 421K) Resource 20082
03/06/2020 HB 134 2009 An Act Relating to the terms and conditions of commercial passenger vessel permits for the discharge... (PDF 22K) Resource 20083
03/06/2020 Major NPDES Permitted Facilities in Alaska (PDF 16K) Resource 20084
03/06/2020 Mearns Assessment of Alaska Cruise Ship Wastewater Discharges 2002 (PDF 1M) Resource 20085
03/06/2020 Cruise Ship Wastewater SAP 2011 -- system integration wastewater treatment in ship building and data collection (PDF 1M) Resource 20086
03/06/2020 Information request 2010 (PDF 552K) Resource 20087
03/06/2020 System-Specific Effluent Limits and Discharge Reporting Requirements (PDF 89K) Resource 20088
03/06/2020 Alaska Water Quality Standards and parameters of concern (PDF 1M) Resource 20089
03/06/2020 Marine Discharge of Treated Sewage and Treated Graywater from Commercial Passenger Vessels Operating in Alaska (PDF 839K) Resource 20090
03/06/2020 Large Commercial Passenger Vessel Wastewater Discharge General Permit Information Sheet 2010 (PDF 644K) Resource 20091
03/06/2020 Bunker Water Metals Investigation 2008 (PDF 111K) Resource 20092
03/06/2020 Bunker Water Metals Synopsis (XLS 177K) Resource 20093
03/06/2020 Final Large Commercial Passenger Vessel Wastewater Discharge General Permit Information Sheet 2008 (PDF 119K) Resource 20096
03/06/2020 Marine Discharge of Treated Sewage, graywater, and other wastewater from Commercial Passenger Vessels Operating in Alaska (PDF 160K) Resource 20097
03/06/2020 Alaska Water Quality Criteria Manual for Toxic and other deleterious organic and inorganic substances (PDF 710K) Resource 20098

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