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Seafood Processing & Hatchery Section

APDES Permitting for Wastewater Discharges from Seafood Processing and Hatchery Facilities in Alaska

An Operator of a seafood processing or hatchery facility seeking authorization to discharge wastewater to surface waters must apply for an APDES permit. Two types of permits are available for seafood processors.

A general permit ( GP) is issued on a state-wide, regional, or geographical basis for a category of disposal activities that are similar in nature and will comply with applicable water quality standards. A general permit application, known as a notice of intent ( NOI) form, shall be submitted by the permittees that seek to obtain discharge authorization under the general permit. ***Note: Submit General Permit NOI's separately from Annual Reports. Please send NOI's to .

An individual permit is issued to a specific facility that is not eligible for coverage under a general permit.


Anne Weaver - Permit Writer
Environmental Specialist III
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-269-7483
Fax: 907-269-3487
Email: Seafood Permitting
Jackie Ebert - Seafood Section Lead
Environmental Specialist IV
410 Willoughby Ave, Suite 303
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-465-5336
Fax: 907-465-5177
Email: Seafood Permitting
Benjamin Schmitt - Permit Writer
Environmental Specialist II
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-269-0103
Fax: 907-269-3487
Email: Seafood Permitting
Earl Crapps - Section Manager
Environmental Program Manager II
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-269-7681
Fax: 907-269-3487

All applicants requesting an individual permit must complete the following APDES Forms along with any category specific applications, such as existing source, new source, or mixing zone. Individual permits are issued to large facilities and those processors discharging to restricted waters that are not covered by a general permit.

Form Description
General Application Form
Must be completed by all applicants required to obtain an individual APDES permit.
Existing Industrial Facilities
Includes Seafood Processors.
New Sources and New Dischargers
Application for Permit to Discharge Seafood Process Wastewater for facilities without prior permits.
Request for a Mixing Zone
Must be completed by an applicant requesting a mixing zone for a discharge.
Applicants requesting authorization to discharge under a general permit must complete the required forms defined in the corresponding permit tabs below:

AKG520000 Seafood Processors in Alaska GP
( Expired/Administratively Continued)

Covered shorebased facilities and vessels operating within 3.0 nautical miles (nm) of shore at mean lower low water ( MLLW) or baseline. No new permittees can be authorized under this permit.

A number of Alaskan seafood processors are authorized to discharge wastewater under general permit AKG520000, which expired in 2006. Since AKG520000 expired, DEC has issued a new general permit for offshore processors, AKG523000, and is developing a new shore-based general permit, AKG521000, to replace the old permit. During this transitional period, permittees covered by administrative continuation of the expired permit need to know that continued authorization to discharge is contingent upon:

  1. Compliance with AKG520000 permit requirements.
  2. Permittees must submit Annual Reports and updated NOIs for material changes to facilities in a timely manner.
  3. Some permittees previously covered by AKG520000 must now be covered under AKG523000, if they discharge seafood processing waste from shore (0.0 nm) to 3.0 nm from MLLW shore or baseline.
  4. Seafood Processing Vessels discharging between shore and 0.5 nm at MLLW must apply for permit coverage under the re-issued AKG5230000. This excludes permanently moored craft and barges, and moored vessels or moored barges that act as support facilities to an onshore seafood processing facility, who may continue permit coverage under AKG520000 until the new permit AKG521000 is in effect.
  5. Other permittees may no longer be covered by AKG520000 if they discharge seafood processing waste at sea more than 3.0 nm from shore. Permittees should contact EPA to establish the type of permit coverage needed to discharge more than 3.0 nm from shore.

Permit Documents and Forms

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Remote Onshore Seafood Processors Wastewater Discharge GP ( Under Development) DEC is developing this general permit for onshore seafood processing facilities discharging to marine and fresh water.

Alaska Offshore Seafood Processors GP (2018 re-issuance)

This statewide general permit is a re-issuance of the Alaska Offshore Seafood Processors GP previously issued on May 23, 2011, and modified on August 21, 2012. The re-issued AKG523000 GP applies to stationary seafood processing vessels discharging between shore (0.0 nautical miles (nm) at MLLW) and 3.0 nm from shore, and in-transit seafood processing vessels and inland water discharge vessels discharging between 0.25 nm and 3.0 nm from Alaska’s shore as delineated by MLLW. The permit became effective January 1, 2019 and expires December 31, 2023.

Owners or Operators as defined in 18 AAC 83 must submit a NOI form for each vessel seeking permit coverage. Applicants can apply online via the AKG523000 electronic (eNOI) webpage. Once permittees are issued an APDES AKG523000 Authorization, continued authorization to discharge is contingent upon:

  1. Compliance with AKG523000 permit requirements.
  2. Permittees must submit:
    1. Monthly DMRs (due quarterly)
    2. Annual Reports by March 15 each year, and
    3. Updated NOIs for material changes to facilities in a timely manner. A new NOI* is required if your vessel's discharge locations are different than the previous year.

2018 Permit Documents and Forms

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Seafood Processors Operating Shorebased Facilities on Kodiak Island ( Under Development) This permit is expired, but it is a high priority to reissue.

Seafood processors and a by-product recovery facility in Kodiak are authorized to discharge to St. Paul Harbor and Near Island Channel by permit AKG528000. DEC intends to reissue this permit in the future.

Most discharges may still be covered under the old EPA expired permit AKG528000 through administrative extension. These permittees are required to continue submitting annual reports and individual applications to inform the Department of any material changes regarding the operation or management of the discharge process. New dischargers should apply for coverage using individual permit application forms.

Permit Documents and Forms

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This statewide general permit applies to all concentrated aquatic animal production facilities (Aquaculture Facilities or Hatcheries) in Alaska that produce, hold, or contain 20,000 pounds or more of aquatic animals per year in ponds, raceways, or other similar structures; feed 5,000 pounds or more of food during a calendar month; and discharge at least 30 days per year.

The permit becomes effective March 1, 2018 and expires midnight February 28, 2023.

Owners or operators of multiple facilities must submit a separate NOI form for each site or facility. If requesting a Zone of Deposit, applicants must submit the information required in 18 AAC 70.210(b) with the NOI form.

The eNOI form is not yet available for the permit, so applicants must submit the paper copy form to:

Department of Environmental Conservation
Wastewater Discharge Authorization Program
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage, AK 99501

Permit Documents and Forms

Deliverable Due Dates for Existing Facilities that Require Coverage Under the General Permit

Deliverable Due Date
Notice of Intent with Carcass Disposal Plan April 30, 2018
Operations and Maintenance Plan notice letter August 28, 2018
Quality Assurance Project Plan notice letter August 28, 2018
  • NPDES AKG524000 Offshore Seafood Processors in Alaska GP
    Covers seafood processors that discharge more than 3.0 nm from shore at mean lower low water or baseline, whichever is farther. Permittees must contact EPA and submit the AKG524000 NOI to request authorization to discharge. See EPA's webpage for further information (permit and NOI).
  • NPDES Vessel General Permit - Covers seafood processing vessel discharges when they are not operating as a processing vessel, but only acting in a mode of transportation. See EPA's webpage for further information (permit and NOI).

Engineering Support and Plan Review

Applicants who construct, alter, install, modify, or operate any part of a nondomestic wastewater treatment works or disposal system must first have written department approval of engineering plans (Per Article 6. Nondomestic Wastewater System Plan Review 18 AAC 72.600). Written approval is not required for an emergency repair or routine maintenance; however, contact with the DEC must be made prior to emergency repair.

The review, construction and approval process for getting approval of an engineered wastewater disposal system can be found on the Engineering Support and Plan Review webpage.

ESPR Contact:
Tanya Bear, P.E., ESPR Acting Section Manager
Division of Water
Department of Environmental Conservation
610 University Ave. Fairbanks, AK 99709

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