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About Air Non-Point & Mobile Sources Group

The Air Non-Point & Mobile Sources (ANPMS) group works to ensure the State of Alaska meets health based air quality standards to protect public health and the environment in a cost-effective and accountable manner. We work with local communities, tribes, industries, other government agencies, environmental groups and individuals to develop and implement plans to improve air quality in Alaska.

The group works on various air quality projects and can be reached at: Air Non-Point & Mobile Sources Contacts

To learn more about specific air quality projects we work on, access these projects by visiting the following links:

  • Air Toxics - Alaska specific sources and types of air toxics
  • Carbon Monoxide - Alaska has a potential for wintertime health problems with carbon monoxide in the Anchorage and Fairbanks areas
  • Conformity - Transportation and General conformity information
  • Indoor Air - Indoor air pollution can exist at levels 2-5 times more than outdoor levels; information regarding garages and toxic vapors
  • Particulate Matter - mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets
  • Regional Haze - haze that impairs visibility in all directions over a large area
  • Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel - "clean" diesel, very low in sulfur. The fuel allows new equipment on Model Year 2007 and newer trucks and buses to clean the exhaust, reducing emissions of nitrous oxide gas and particulates by over 90%.

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