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Becoming a Certified Installer in Alaska

The individuals on the Certified Installer list have met the minimum requirements and are currently certified. Certified Installers are certified to install systems throughout the state; the lists are divided into geographic categories by the installer’s primary working area. Certified Installers may install systems statewide except within the Municipality of Anchorage and the City of Valdez, those areas have their own programs that are administered by the City. Please contact those offices directly for more information.

The certified installer program trains and certifies individuals who install onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems in Alaska. Certified Installers may install septic systems for private residences and single service connection systems that serve small commercial facilities that generate less than 500 gallons per day of domestic wastewater. Systems that are not private residences, commercial facilities that generate more than 500 gallons per day and all systems that dispose of non-domestic wastewater must obtain plan approval from DEC prior to construction the system. After completion of an onsite installation, installers must submit construction details to us within 90 days.

To become certified an individual must: (1) have a current general, excavation or water and sewer contractor's license, be working under another's license, or be employed by a government or health corporation; and (2) attend DEC training course; and (3) pass a written examination; and (4) pay the required certification fee. The Municipality of Anchorage and the City of Valdez may have additional requirements.

After successfully completing the training and passing the written exam, a person who seeks to be a Certified Installer must pay a certification fee of $850 to DEC for a two-year certification period. This fee may be paid in two annual installments of $460. The individual must have on file with DEC a copy of their current contractor's license prior to certification: if a person is working under another's license, DEC requires a copy of that license and a letter from the licensed contractor indicating the person is employed by that contractor: if the person is employed by government or a health corporation, DEC requires a letter indicating the person is employed by that organization.

To remain certified an individual must attend the class and pass the examination every two years. If a Certified Installer has a complete and satisfactory inspection of an installation each of the previous two years they can opt out of the examination, however they must attend the course.

The Installer classes are divided according to experience. New students should sign up for the initial classes; those who have been previously certified should sign up for the refresher class.

For additional information please contact your local office or Tony Sonoda at DEC/Fairbanks Area Office. Tony may be contacted at 907-451-2109, or by email at:

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