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2009 Response Summaries

Title Link
Tug Pathfinder Grounding 28-pathfinder
Drill Site 6, Well 11, Mixed Product Spill 27-drill
R-Pad Produced Water Leak 26-rpad
LPC-LO3 Pipeline Spill 25-lpc
Flint Hills Refinery Oily Water Line 24-flint
F/V Carley Renee Capsize & Sinking 23-carley
F/V Alaskan Pride Fire and Sinking 22-pride
F/V Rascal Sinking 21-rascal
Gambell Drinking Water Well 20-gambell
Fuel Barge T/B 160-1 19-tb
Pelican Seafoods Anhydrous Ammonia 18-pelican
F/V Nahanni 17-nahanni
F/V Vigilant Sinking 16-vigilant
LC Sea Trec II 15-seatrec
F/V Patty J Grounding 14-patty
Pile Bay Road Tanker Trailer Spill 13-pilebay
K-Sea Transportation Barge SCT 282 12-ksea
Spring Flooding 2009 11-spring
Drift River Terminal Coordination 10-drift
Barge AK 7272 P Whittier Harbor 09-whittier
F/V Mar-Gun Grounding St. George Island 08-margun
F/V Icy Mist 07-icy
FS-2 Flow Line 9A Crude/Gas Release 06-fs2
Effluent Water Injection Leak 05-effluent
M/V Lituya Grounding 04-lituya
M/V Monarch Sinking 03-monarch
Milne Pt. Module 54 Produced Water Spill 02-milne
Veritas Diesel Fuel Spill 01-veritas

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